We offer comprehensive mechanical design and manufacturing drawing services. Our team is having expertise in the design of equipment with various codes and standards as well as recent software's which are accepted worldwide.

  • Pressure Vessel, Columns & Reactors
  • Heat Exchangers & Unfired boilers
  • Storage Tank, Horton Spheres, Bullets
  • Miscellaneous Equipment : Ejectors, Desuperheaters, Filters, Coallescers, Agitators etc.


We performs finite element analysis in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 2 & API?579 (Level 3) codes. We have a rich experience and expertise in FEA and have completed over for 1000 FEA based ASME Code compliance reports which are verified and approved by leading TPI's like Lloyds, DNV etc.

  • Static, Transient, Thermal, Contact, Elasto-Plastic & Fatigue Analysis
  • Plastic collapse, Local Failure, Buckling, Cyclic loading etc
  • Design Evaluation
  • Fabrication Evaluation
  • Fitness for Service Evaluation
  • In accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 2 & API-579 (Level 3) codes


We provide structural engineering and detailed construction/ Fabrication drawings. Our technical team have experience of all international codes like BS, IS, ACI, AISC, ASCE, EC, API, AS, IBC etc.

  • Skid
  • Silo Structure
  • Offshore and Marine cranes
  • Offshore deck cranes
  • Port cranes like rail mounted quay cranes, rubber tyre gantry cranes, level luffing cranes, shipyard cranes
  • Pipe elevator, Pile handling tools, Spreader frames/beams


Pipe stress analysis is a vital part of the plant design process and interfaces with many other disciplines. Our focus is to deliver top quality designs that are safe, fit for purpose and exceed our customers' expectations, on time and every time.

  • Wind & Static Seismic Analysis.
  • Modal Analysis
  • Water Hammer/ surge analysis
  • Response spectrum analysis
  • Analysis of Gas Gathering Stations, Flare System
  • Analysis of Buried pipelines
  • Analysis of Scraper Traps connected pipeline


We are having team of expertise in thermal design of heat exchangers and other process equipment of various equipment using recent calculations tools.

  • Heat Exchanger - TEMA types
  • Waste Heat Boilers (Reformed Gas Boiler, CG Boiler, SG Boiler, Process Gas Boiler etc.)
  • Reboilers (Thermosyphon reboilers, kettle reboilers etc.)
  • Pressure Vessel Design


In today's competitive industry, CFD has gained global importance in almost every field of engineering. The growing need for innovative product designs, value added engineering and advanced manufacturing processes, demands excessive emphasis on the study of Thermal and fluid dynamics to ensure a seamless solution in core problem areas.
At RH we have team of experts CFD engineers specialized in solving complex fluid dynamic, thermal and conjugate problems.

  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Porus Media Flow Analysis
  • Multiphase Flow Analysis
  • Chemical Reaction / Internal Combustion
  • Turbulent Flow Analysis
  • Moving / Rotating Mesh Analysis